Who we are

Small Ethno – Antropological Museum

“Casa Cannizzo” is a small museum of the rural and traditional sicilian society, a large collection of tools used in old times, a voyage to discover the economical and cultural roots of the ancient Sicily.

After a thirty years work of recovering, indexing and arranging, the cultural association “Casa Cannizzo” has created an ethno-anthropological museum that contains hundreds of tools, catalogued and exhibited inside a rural building, between olives and citrus. Inside “Casa Cannizzo” you can feel the nature, also because of the animals of the small farm, hens, gooses, rabbits, lambs, peacocks, pigs and the donkey, together with the little mascot Chanel, mischievous, happy affectionate Jack Russell.

The ethno-anthropological museum “Casa Cannizzo” contains a great variety of tools and utensiis used in the past centuries by sicilian countrymen, artisans and shepherds. It is a mine of extincted remains, very interesting both for young or older students and for studious and researchers who want to understand the true story of our traditions and customes, the way of living of sicilian people. Daily use tools linked to the more common cultivations, grapevines, olives, wheat, implements for various crafts, such as for the cooper, the smith, the shoemaker, the bricklayer, the carpenter, but also tools used by women to embroider or to spin the wool, and many other domestic objects.

Visitors can also discover how old people cooked the bread, they milled the wheat, how our grandparents lived in the old different Sicily. “Casa Cannizzo” peculiarity consists in the fact that ethno-anthropological museum is located inside a normal house, to relive moments of our past, of our history, the new and the old melted to save our memories with the awareness of the continuity between how Sicily was and how it is today.